The ClickSurge Platform enables Web publishers to guide Internet users to the publishers' online content in a discovery-based contextual model; allowing content of any type, including video, music, pictures or text, to be linked onto any web page dynamically based on the unique properties of that web page.

Widgets built on the platform quickly scan the contents of a web page, and search for related content, placing links to that content onto web pages at a publisher's website, at a partner's website or on any Internet page, including user-generated content sites such as blogs and social networks.

The Platform can be used to:

Spread your content across the web
Create a widget that spreads virally, bringing your contextually-related content to blogs and social networks. Use our platform to bring your content to users even when they aren't on your web site.

Create revenue-producing partnerships
Widgets can help you get the right content placed on your partner's web sites, sending more traffic back to you. Have your partner include related links that drive people back to your content. Or switch it around and use to generate extra revenue from your highly-trafficked web site by creating related links that shows your partner's content.

Increase the number of page views per visit
By tying widgets to your own content, you can build a related links module that increases the number of page views per visit because it shows the user more of what you have.

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